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The B3A story

Chris Haley

Chris Haley, Managing Director, Dransfields

Clubs win battle over VAT and AMLD for B3A machines

"Following a long, hard battle through the courts with HMRC regarding VAT and Amusement Machine Licence Duty payable on Category B3A Machines, I am delighted to report that the Government have now conceded that these machines are exempt from both VAT and AMLD.

"The exemption will also apply to Machine Games Duty which will replace VAT and AMLD and is to be introduced in February 2013.

"I am grateful for all the help we have received from club organisations and trade associates. This is very welcome news for clubs and shows that we were correct in our interpretation of the VAT Act. We have always been determined to protect clubs from threatened retrospective taxation on these machines and it will be a huge relief to clubs to know that this threat has now been lifted."

January 11, 2012

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