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Make more money with Dransfield’s machine tips

Know your customer

Get to know your machine customers and find out their likes and dislikes on game features. You can discuss these with your Dransfields Account Manager to optimise machine choice.

When a new machine is installed, take some time to get to know how it plays so that you can answer any questions your customers have.

Sounds obvious, but make sure you let your customers know when a new machine is installed.

Make it available

Use the experience of your Dransfields Account Manager to help choose the best position for the machine in your venue.

Make sure the machine is switched on throughout opening times and keep it clean with a quick polish every day. Be careful not to clean monitors with a wet cloth as this can damage them.

Always make sure the machine's sound is on. The sounds that the machines make are integral to many of the features of the games, as well as giving an enhanced user experience.

Report any technical faults to us at the earliest opportunity so we can get the machine back up and running as soon as possible.

Refill your machines!

This is probably one of the most profitable five minutes that you can spend. A machine needs £1 coins to pay out prizes and to keep the note acceptor in working order.

A large proportion of machine takings are in the form of banknotes – if the hopper level of the machine falls below £100 then the Note Acceptor switches off and will not accept notes.

If the Note Acceptor isn’t working:

  • Players will know that the hopper float is low and will not play a machine if they think it won’t pay out major prizes.
  • If it does pay out a major prize, the machine will attempt to pay it but will run out of coins resulting in an unhappy player, aggrieved at not having been paid out in full. The machine will go ‘out of order’ and will need refilling – so it's much better to refill it before this happens. While the machine is out of order it will not be earning you a profit!

Keeping the hoppers topped up will keep the machine operating at its best.

If you are unsure how to refill a machine, ask a member of our technical team, Account Manager or Collector and they will demonstrate how to do it.


Keep an eye out for machine thieves, particularly groups of two or three people crowding around a machine or with one person attempting to distract you. They will often order soft drinks or hot drinks rather than alcoholic beverages. If in doubt simply ask that they play existing games off and then switch the machine off until they have moved on.

All Dransfields employees have ID badges, always thoroughly check before allowing anyone to collect, repair or change a machine.

Recommended supplier of fruit machines and entertainment products to: Working Men's Club & Institute Union, Association of Conservative Clubs, National Union of Labour & Socialist Clubs, National Association of Railway Clubs, Alliance of British Clubs

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