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Make more money with Dransfield's technical tips

Whilst your local Dransfields engineer is only ever a phone call away, here are some simple checks you can do that may get your machine back up and running even quicker!

Machine not powering up?

  • Make sure that the mains lead is properly inserted into the machine and into the wall socket and that the wall socket is switched on
  • Try a different mains lead if you have one
  • Try plugging into a different wall socket
  • Some machines have an on/off switch located near the power cord, make sure this is switched on

Alarm sounding?

  • Check that all doors are closed and locked
  • Turn the power off for 30 seconds then switch back on, the machine may simply then reset
  • If it doesn’t reset, make a note of the alarm code and ring us for service

Not accepting Notes?

  • Check the machine hopper float level; if it has fallen below £100 then the Note Acceptor will have cut out. Simply refill the hopper to the required level and the Note Acceptor should start working again
  • If the hopper float is not low then try switching the machine off for 30 seconds and see whether a reset will clear the problem

Jukebox problems?

  • It is important that the updates we supply each fortnight for the digital jukeboxes are installed otherwise the machine will lockup. If this does happen then insert an update disk or call for service
  • Always check that the volume controls and amps are set at the optimum level
  • Ensure that microphones are disconnected when not in use
  • Occasionally a digital jukebox may need a reset, if it “freezes” try switching it off for 30 seconds then try it again

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