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Principles for reopening venues

Dransfields supply venues with gaming machines, jukeboxes, pool tables and pull tab vending machines.

We have designed the following principles to be applied when venues reopen following the easing of COVID-19 lockdown rules.

The purpose of these principles is to provide assistance to customers and to help manage the reopening process as smoothly as possible with Dransfields providing an optimum level of service support. The principles are underpinned by considerations of the health and safety of customers and Dransfields employees. These are general guidelines and different agreements may be reached with individual customers.

  • It is acknowledged that both Dransfields and venues will need time to bring their businesses back up to full operational strength and we will need to act in good faith to help each other achieve this.
  • Collections will be carried out on a two-weekly cycle other than where otherwise agreed by exception. This will be constantly under review and may vary as required.
  • Machine changes will be minimised for the time being in order that we can comply with safe COVID-19 working guidelines. 
  • Customers are to provide machine floats wherever possible, to be repaid from collections.
  • Visits to venues by Dransfields personnel will be subject to the conditions of our COVID-19 Risk Assessment, in particular:
    • Venue employees and their customers will remain appropriately distanced from Dransfields employees.
    • Dransfields employees will wear appropriate PPE and follow the guidance set out in the Dransfields Company Risk Assessment.
    • Dransfields employees will comply with the venue’s risk reduction measures.
    • All machines will be thoroughly cleaned with appropriate anti-bacterial cleaner by Dransfields employees before departure from the venue.
  • Venues will provide the required hygiene cleaning measures for machines on site, including providing hand sanitiser/sanitising wipes for players to clean machines before and after play. 


URGENT – Machine cleaning guide

We have encountered a significant number of issues arising from customers cleaning gaming machines with concentrated cleaning fluids.

In some cases, this has dissolved the buttons that customers use to play the machines resulting in machine downtime until we can arrange to replace the machine buttons. It could also be a potential health hazard for your employees and customers playing the machines. Unfortunately, for some models this is also resulting in a shortage of spare buttons, as all UK machine operators are experiencing similar issues.

Therefore, please ensure that any cleaning products are diluted and used in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. In particular, please check to ensure that whatever you use is safe to be used on plastics.

We recommend regularly cleaning machines with anti-bacterial wipes or spraying cleaning solutions on to a cloth to wipe down the buttons etc rather than spraying directly onto a machine.

Should you have any queries, please contact our service department on 0345 2260002 or discuss with your local engineer.


Reopening advice from UK HOSPITALITY

General advice on the steps that hospitality should take in England, Scotland and Wales can be found HERE.


Government guidelines for gaming machines and entertainment products for reopening venues

Government Guidelines do not prohibit the use of gaming and entertainment machines, however a Risk Assessment must be carried out by the venue and the following should be noted:

Gaming Machines 

  • Gaming machines can be located away from pinch points in the venue.
  • A stool or chair should be used to provide seating in front of a machine. 
  • Players will be facing away from other customers and will be stationary.
  • Robust cleaning protocols will ensure the machine is wiped down before use by venue staff and players, significantly reducing the risk of surface transmission.
  • Customers should be advised to remain seated until it is their turn to play.


  • Where equipment allows, use of App based music selection and contactless payment methods should be encouraged.
  • Jukebox volumes will need to be reduced to a level where people in the venue are not having to raise their voice or shout as this presents a raised transmission risk by an infected person.

Pool Tables

  • Pool cues should be kept behind the bar so venue staff can wipe them before and after being handed out to players.
  • No drinks should be placed on or by the pool table/s.
  • Coins should not be left on the pool table at any time.
  • Cleaning of pool tables will include cleaning of the frame and chalk every hour and where possible after each use.
  • Cleaning of balls should occur a minimum of once per day, preferably prior to opening.
  • Where pool tables are used for competitions, organisers/team captains should be required to take responsibility for social distancing and hand hygiene of players.  Hand sanitizer should always be available.
  • After competition use, the pool table will require a deep clean of surfaces as well as cues, balls, chalk and rack.
  • Pool tables can be moved if not in use to provide social distancing barriers. The tables can also be covered with a protective hard top and used as a glass collection point where customers can place their dirty glasses to provide a central collection point.

Pull Tabs

  • Venues will provide hygiene measures and cleaning for machines on site, including providing hand sanitiser for players to clean hands before and after use.
  • All used tickets should be immediately placed in a bin set aside for that purpose.
  • Venues will ensure that hands are sanitised before loading tickets into the machine.

Here to help

If you need any help or advice with re-opening your venue and COVID-19 health and safety measures, call us now on 0345 226 0002.

Chris Haley, Managing Director, Dransfields

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