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Digital Jukeboxes

Music is a vital ingredient in creating the right atmosphere at any venue. Get it right and your customers will love it.

Choose from the very latest in digital jukebox technology along with access to tens of thousands of tracks with everything you’ll need for all your customers’ tastes.

Dransfields supply Playdium, Sound Leisure and NSM jukeboxes and use Soundnet and NSM music services to ensure that any venue can easily tailor the music on offer to match their customer needs. Modern digital jukeboxes provide access to hundreds of thousands of tracks with Milestones in Music models offering every Top 40 chart single since 1960 and with music tracks going back to 1952.

Jukeboxes can be profiled to play preferred genres of music and can even allow certain types of music to be accessed and played at specific times. Models can be free-standing or wall-mounted for maximum flexibility with weekly music updates delivered online or via an update disc every fortnight. They come pre-loaded with calendar specific tracks (so one less thing to have to think about at Christmas time). The aim is to provide the music customers want to hear and that they happily pay to listen to.

Dransfields digital jukeboxes are available on a profit-share or fixed monthly rental basis, whichever you prefer. 

Speak to your local Dransfields Account Manager or call us on 0345 644 9414.

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